Workshops and Social Events

Please register early! With high attendee numbers this year, many of these events will fill before the final registration deadline. On-site registration for side events is not possible; pre-registration and pre-payment by 4 April is required.

sponsored meetings

Pre-registration and extra fee required.

World Bank Day provides a forum to exchange insights on enhancing E&S risk management systems in client countries. This event also spotlights key learnings in the application of the Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) and IFC’s Performance Standards (PS) as entry points for supporting the just transition and sustainable finance. 

Wednesday, 24 April | 09:00-13:00
Price: $30 (includes lunch)
Maximum: 120 participants

Pre-registration and extra fee required.

“Assessing Double-Materiality: European Investment Bank’s CSRD Experience”

The aim of this meeting is to engage with experts representing the impact assessment profession on EIB’s proposed response to recent EU evolving legal framework, particularly the practical implementation of the double-materiality assessment concept. The experts will be invited to provide feedback on EIB’s proposed tailored/ balanced approach to double-materiality to fit both EIB’s business needs and constraints and stakeholder’s needs. EIB welcomes feedback and proposals to overcome the most challenging requirements e.g., from finding the “right” balance between the key aspects of the process (e.g., low vs high level of engagement, general vs detailed level of material topics, qualitative vs quantitative assessment, double-materiality assessment as a reporting vs strategic tool, one-off vs continuous process, etc.) to presenting and reporting on the final outcomes.

Wednesday, 24 April | 09:00-12:30
Price: $30 (includes lunch) 
Maximum: 40 participants

Pre-registration and extra fee required.

This workshop provides a discussion among IA practitioners on the revised UNDP Social and Environmental Standards (SES) that came into effect on 1 January 2021. This session includes a focus on the structure and programmatic objectives of UNDP, its SES as well as the Social and Environmental Screening Procedure (SESP).

Wednesday 24 April | 08:30-12:00
Price: $15 (does not include lunch)
Maximum: 80 participants


Pre-registration required.

Are you a first-timer or an IAIA conference veteran? Either way, you can benefit from participating in the Newcomer Network! The Newcomer Network offers a warm welcome to those attending our conference for the first time by introducing them to experienced attendees (and other first-timers). One or two veterans at each table will be joined by a group of first-timers in an informal setting to help “break the ice.” In addition to getting to know each other, first-timers can ask questions about making the most of their conference experience as well as questions about IAIA in general. After 15 minutes, first-timers move to a different table to start again with a different group. It is also a simple and informal way for veteran attendees to open a door or two for their own social and professional interactions. Join the meet and greet to connect with a new friend or two. IAIA staff members will also be available to answer questions. To participate, tick the veteran or first-timer box on the registration form.

Newcomer Network meet and greet
Wednesday 24 April | 10:00-11:30
Price: Free!

Pre-registration required.

Join us at the conference welcome reception for a delightful evening of reconnecting with old friends and forging new connections. It’s the perfect way to kickstart an exciting week ahead. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to mingle, network, and create lasting memories. Posters will be on display at the reception (and throughout the week), so take advantage of this opportunity to meet the authors!

Wednesday 24 April | 17:00-19:00 
Price: FREE!
Please pre-register for catering counts.

Pre-registration required.

Hundreds of people will attend IAIA24. How many will you meet? If you’ve ever tried speed dating, then you already know the concept—we’ve just changed the focus! How it works: You will be seated in rows so that you are facing another person, and every four minutes one row will be asked to move up one seat so they are facing someone different. You will spend the four minutes conversing with your partner about yourself, your work, your interests, why you are attending IAIA24, anything you like. Over a period of an hour, you will meet up to 15 new people, people that you may not otherwise get to meet in the normal course of a diverse international conference. The aim is to make new professional connections that you can build upon throughout the conference and beyond. So come along and join in the fun.

Thursday, 25 April | 17:45-18:45

Pre-registration and extra fee required.

After the closing plenary, celebrate as we conclude a remarkable week of learning, networking, and growth. Join your colleagues and friends and enjoy the best of food and friendship that IAIA24 and Dublin have to offer. Experience regional food, drink, and entertainment in a relaxed atmosphere that offers one last opportunity to network, share ideas on topics of interest, and connect with colleagues who have similar interests but whom you might not have met during formal sessions.

Saturday 27 April | 19:00 onward
Price: $60