IAIA24 Abstracts


Activities in Protected Areas: From Impacts to Value Components

Abstract ID# 20

Presenting Author: Marie-Claude  Martel

Preferred Session:  Marine Impact Assessments for Ecosystem-Based Maritime Spatial Planning

Summary Statement: Balancing beneficial activities for coastal communities with maintaining conservation objectives presents unique challenges when conducting impact assessments in marine protected areas.

Acceptance Status: pending

Climate Impact Assessment Procedures: Time to Look Beyond Compliance?

Abstract ID# 25

Presenting Author: Elsie  O'Gorman |  Coauthor(s):  Florence Renou-Wilson


Summary Statement: A review of climate impact assessment procedures including whole-life carbon and climate adaptation in the built environment demonstrating the need to look beyond compliance to drive change.

Acceptance Status: pending

Contaminated sediments dredging activities in Piaçaguera Channel Brazil

Abstract ID# 15

Presenting Author: JOSÉ EDUARDO   BEVILACQUA |  Coauthor(s):  Fernanda Sobral

Preferred Session:  The role of EIA practitioners in a just transformation

Summary Statement: The work portrays a successful case relating to the conflict between licensing the dredging contaminated sediment, the conditions of navigation and targeting the contaminated sediment.

Acceptance Status: pending

Delivery of Just Decarbonisaton

Abstract ID# 26

Presenting Author: Chris  Hazell-Marshall

Preferred Session:  Environmentally, Socially and Economically Just Carbon Neutrality

Summary Statement: Decarbonisation is the biggest transformation in how humans live. How are such profound changes managed to deliver a Just Transformation, and protect the future of the human world

Acceptance Status: pending

Enhancing Transparency: The Case of South Africa's EMF

Abstract ID# 23

Presenting Author: Dirk  Cilliers |  Coauthor(s):  Francois Retief ,   Reece   Alberts ,   Claudine Roos ,   Jurie Moolman

Preferred Session:  Innovative Data Sharing and Governance for a Just Transformation

Summary Statement: The South African EMF streamlines environmental impact assessments by enabling spatial data interpretation, promoting transparency, and empowering decision-makers, applicants and the general

Acceptance Status: pending

Impacts of floating solar panels, the Magat reservoir as reference case

Abstract ID# 16

Presenting Author: Ingrid  Nesheim |  Coauthor(s):  Francois Clayer

Preferred Session:  Just transition informing impact assessment processes for energy transition

Summary Statement: Floating photovoltaics contribute to renewable electricity production. Effects of covering a lake with FPV, suggestions for enhancing co-benefits and reducing adverse impacts of FPV are presented.

Acceptance Status: pending

Indigenous Impact Assessment of Large Renewable Energy Projects

Abstract ID# 19

Presenting Author: Ciaran  O'Faircheallaigh

Preferred Session:  Indigenous perspectives on a just transformation

Summary Statement: I address the challenges of conducting an Indigenous Impact Assessment of a large renewable energy project affecting a First Nation dispersed over a wide area and multiple urban locations

Acceptance Status: pending

Overcoming Challenges in EIA: Environmental Science Students in Argentina

Abstract ID# 22

Presenting Author: Verónica  Giberti |  Coauthor(s):  Daniela Picardi

Preferred Session:  Impact Assessment Higher Education Research and Teaching

Summary Statement: .Two decades of teaching EIA. Key professionals for the country's development and environmental protection.

Acceptance Status: pending


Abstract ID# 17

Presenting Author: Melina Gisela  Santomauro |  Coauthor(s):  Verónica Giberti

Preferred Session:  Principles for Social Inclusion through Impact Assessment: Rapid Draft

Summary Statement: From field to the table. Contributions from key actors for the formulation of an effective environmental license instrument for agricultural productions in operation.

Acceptance Status: pending

Social media and impact assessment: evolving methods in a shifting context

Abstract ID# 18

Presenting Author: Kate  Sherren |  Coauthor(s):  Yan Chen ,   Keahna   Margeson ,   Mehrnoosh Mohammadi ,   Qiqi Zhao & Gone, Keshava Pallavi; Rahman, H. M. Tuihedur; Parkins, John; Smit, Mike

Preferred Session:  IA for better policy-making: current trends and new methods

Summary Statement: Analysis of images and text from social media sources, evidenced by three Canadian cases, can supplement established SIA practice as well as present ethical and data governance challenges.

Acceptance Status: pending

Strategic Environmental Assessment Scoping Study on the Use of Gene Drive.

Abstract ID# 24

Presenting Author: Kofi  Aggrey |  Coauthor(s):  Astrid Knoblauch ,   Thomas   Fischer

Preferred Session:  Strategic Environmental Assessment for a Just Transformation

Summary Statement: An SEA scoping study investigates the possible application of gene drive technology in 15 West African nations in the fight against malaria. Join us as we assess its effects.

Acceptance Status: pending

Using a buffer-based approach to make global assessments on mining impacts

Abstract ID# 21

Presenting Author: Chloe  Dawson

Preferred Session:  Addressing mining impacts driven by an energy transition for climate action

Summary Statement: Discordances between mining sector datasets: Using buffers to enable global-scale assessments of future environmental impacts of growing demand for energy transition minerals.

Acceptance Status: pending