IAIA24 Posters


A Study on the scoping of the EIA system in South Korea
Abstract ID# 35

Presenting Author: JIYELEE  |  Coauthor(s):  Junyeong An

Summary Statement: This paper addresses the subject of scoping in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in South Korea


Acceptance Status: approve


Air quality management planning: a decision-support tool in South Africa
Abstract ID# 8

Presenting Author: PhathutshedzoMukwevho  |  Coauthor(s):  Francois Retief ,   Roelof   Burger

Summary Statement: The study evaluates stakeholder's perceptions on the extent to which AQMPs as a decision support tool influences decision making in various spheres of government in South Africa.


Acceptance Status: approve


Comparative Analysis of Public Consultation of ESIA in Indonesia and Canada
Abstract ID# 28

Presenting Author: Bening Keindahan  |  Coauthor(s):  Muhamad Nasri

Summary Statement: This study analyzes the differences between public consultation in ESIA practices in Indonesia and Canada based on the aspects of government, community, and proponent.


Acceptance Status: approve


Contaminated sediments dredging activities in Piaçaguera Channel Brazil
Abstract ID# 38

Presenting Author: JOSÉ EDUARDO BEVILACQUA   |  Coauthor(s):  Fernanda Sobral

Summary Statement: The work portrays a successful case relating to the conflict between licensing the dredging contaminated sediment, the conditions of navigation and targeting the contaminated sediment.


Acceptance Status: approve


Development of EIA Review Support System in the Marine Environment Field
Abstract ID# 19

Presenting Author: TaeyunKim  |  Coauthor(s):  kyoungmin kim ,   Junyeong   An

Summary Statement: This study is the development of an environmental impact assessment support system that focuses on the marine environment and helps to prepare a sound environmental impact statement through this syste


Acceptance Status: approve


Ecological Impacts of Artificial Light at Night in Korea
Abstract ID# 6

Presenting Author: SANGBUMLEE 

Summary Statement: Study the ecological impact of terrestrial insects caused by light pollution in Korea and propose a EIA guideline of night-time insect survey


Acceptance Status: approve


Environmental Impact Assessment Advance Review System
Abstract ID# 34

Presenting Author: KyoungminKim  |  Coauthor(s):  Hyungjin Jeon ,   Junyeong   An

Summary Statement: Introduce a preliminary review system for environmental impact assessments, designed to evaluate the effectiveness of data used in preparing environmental impact assessments.


Acceptance Status: approve


Evaluating the Effectiveness of Mitigation Measures in Environmental Impact
Abstract ID# 20

Presenting Author: EUN SUBKIM  |  Coauthor(s):  Dong Kun Lee ,   Ji Young   Kim ,   Yoon Ho Jeon

Summary Statement: This study evaluates the efficacy of mitigation measures in Korean development projects, revealing their varying success depending on environmental conditions and disturbance levels


Acceptance Status: approve


Food Security Assessment in Canadian Offshore Petroleum SEA Practice
Abstract ID# 9

Presenting Author: VeronicaRohr  |  Coauthor(s):  Jill Blakley ,   Phil   Loring

Summary Statement: This study evaluates how Canadian offshore petroleum SEA practice addresses food security, unveiling strengths, gaps and potential for improved integration in environmental assessment.


Acceptance Status: approve


Gender matters: impact assessments and accountability
Abstract ID# 30

Presenting Author: AndreaRepetto Vargas 

Summary Statement: The journey from an independent accountability mechanism on social and environmental issues in understanding the relationship between gender and its case handling processes.


Acceptance Status: approve


Growth of Riverine Vegetation and Its Impact on Flood Levels
Abstract ID# 10

Presenting Author: DONGHAEBAEK  |  Coauthor(s):  WON KIM

Summary Statement: In South Korea, increased riparian vegetation due to climate change elevates flood levels. A study on the Seomjin River showed vegetation caused a 0.5 to 1.0-meter water level rise.


Acceptance Status: approve


Health Impact Assessment Status and Improvement in South Korea
Abstract ID# 1

Presenting Author: JongsikHa 

Summary Statement: This study attempted to propose a methodology and institutional improvement for location feasibility evaluation of residential areas in urban development plans.


Acceptance Status: approve


Indigenous People in Just Energy Transition: Roles and Challenges
Abstract ID# 27

Presenting Author: MuhamadNasri  |  Coauthor(s):  Bening Keindahan

Summary Statement: This research aims to identify the roles and challenges of indigenous people in just energy transition in Indonesia.


Acceptance Status: approve


Leveraging Indigenous Knowledge to Recover Caribou Populations
Abstract ID# 15

Presenting Author: HarrisonMcGrath  |  Coauthor(s):  Lori Cyprien, Brian Fung (ACFN), Anne Hervieux, Chris Wagner, Susan Leech (Firelight)

Summary Statement: Two Indigenous nations developed a caribou stewardship plan. The intent was to increase community involvement, leverage IK and develop a plan that had clear and ambitious goals for recovery.


Acceptance Status: approve


Machine Learning for Urban Noise Mapping and Environment Impact Assessment
Abstract ID# 24

Presenting Author: TaehoPark  |  Coauthor(s):  Byungkwon Lee ,   Kyoungmin   Kim ,   Youngmin Park

Summary Statement: This study explores machine learning methods for noise mapping, providing essential data for urban environmental assessments and deepening our understanding of urban noise impact.


Acceptance Status: approve


Managing Community impacts through enhanced collaboration: The Komo Airport
Abstract ID# 41

Presenting Author: MarilynWingi 

Summary Statement: Describing strategies of Village Liaison Officer and Community Safety Monitor that continue to enhance collaboration in remote communities of Papua New Guinea


Acceptance Status: approve


Mapping of mapping: the role of spatial decision-support tools
Abstract ID# 26

Presenting Author: DianaSerrano Timonet   |  Coauthor(s):  Ragnvald Larsen

Summary Statement: We will provide an overview of the different spatial tools supporting sustainable development actions. It will foster a common understanding of these tools and guide appropriate decision-making.


Acceptance Status: approve


Modernization of recycling programs in remote Cree First Nation communities
Abstract ID# 37

Presenting Author: KristyFranks  |  Coauthor(s):  Howard Macdonald ,   Sheree   House ,   Whitney Blacksmith

Summary Statement: The Cree Nation in Quebec is working to adopt and adapt new ‘modernized’ provincial recycling programs in ways that respect traditional ways and benefit local communities in remote locations


Acceptance Status: approve


Moving CIA for offshore wind energy planning in emerging markets
Abstract ID# 22

Presenting Author: Ana Paula AlvesDibo  |  Coauthor(s):  Luis Enrique Sánchez ,   Carla Grigoletto   Duarte ,   Juliana Siqueira-Gay ,   Alexander Turra

Summary Statement: A review of initiatives of selected countries to assess cumulative impacts and manage the development of offshore wind energy, their drivers and possible recommendations to emerging markets.


Acceptance Status: approve


Platform for Environmental Monitoring Information for Offshore Wind Energy
Abstract ID# 5

Presenting Author: JunhoMaeng  |  Coauthor(s):  Haemi Lee

Summary Statement: Development of a Shared Platform for Environmental Monitoring Information for Offshore Wind Energy Projects


Acceptance Status: approve


Positive Impact Assessment in Japanese Local EIAs
Abstract ID# 40

Presenting Author: Katsuhide TAKAHASHI   |  Coauthor(s):  Yuki SHIBATA

Summary Statement:


Acceptance Status: approve


Qualitative methods for next generation impact assessment
Abstract ID# 2

Presenting Author: HeidiWalker  |  Coauthor(s):  John Sinclair

Summary Statement: This poster reflects on why qualitative methods are essential in IA, identifies available methods, and notes needs/barriers to be addressed if qualitative methods are to meaningfully contribute to IA.


Acceptance Status: approve


Reforestation of riverbanks in overflow and flood control works in Peru
Abstract ID# 31

Presenting Author: Mario Tenorio  |  Coauthor(s):  Dany Chunga ,   Josué   Cárdenas ,   Marlene Camacho ,   Eva Mori

Summary Statement: Present the riparian reforestation plans included in the IGAPROs (evaluated by SENACE), as part of the interventions for overflow and flood control in Peru.


Acceptance Status: approve


Renewable Energy in Mpumalanga (South Africa) - On a Wing Or a Prayer ?
Abstract ID# 21

Presenting Author: GavinCowden  |  Coauthor(s):  Robyn Luyt

Summary Statement: The sudden demand for renewable energy in Mpumalanga and the lack of strategic interventions to address impacts threatens to undermine the sustainability of renewable energy in the province.


Acceptance Status: approve


Abstract ID# 11

Presenting Author: Dae-SikOh  |  Coauthor(s):  Chang-Wan Choi ,   Seung-Hyun   Lee

Summary Statement: This studies the method of monitoring in EIA implementation and follow-up of solar power generation facility using drones in South Korea.


Acceptance Status: approve


Scoping workshop for EIA of waste treatment facility project
Abstract ID# 7

Presenting Author: Kyung-hee Shin  |  Coauthor(s):  Jae-hyuck Lee ,   Jong-moon   Park ,   Kongjang Kongjang

Summary Statement: Assuming the scoping of EIA for waste treatment facility, an alternative comparison workshop was conducted and this could be useful in improving understanding and securing reliability.


Acceptance Status: approve


Strategy for greenhouse planning in respond to climate change in Korea
Abstract ID# 18

Presenting Author: Su-binSong  |  Coauthor(s):  Seonghwan Yoon ,   Taechol   Lee

Summary Statement: We would like to review related research aimed at reducing energy use in indoor cultivation greenhouses and review the direction for low-energy greenhouse plans.


Acceptance Status: approve


Strategy for office building planning to respond to climate change in Korea
Abstract ID# 17

Presenting Author: Ju-HeeNam  |  Coauthor(s):  Seonghwan Yoon ,   Taechol   Lee

Summary Statement: The total annual building energy consumption was reviewed while changing the ratio. The building parameters will be extracted from the basic design.


Acceptance Status: approve


The Citxw Nlaka'pamux Assembly: Nlaka'pamux Impact Assessment Framework
Abstract ID# 3

Presenting Author: NatalieRoss  |  Coauthor(s):  Sarah Desrosiers

Summary Statement: This session highlights the Nlaka’pamux Impact Assessment Framework as a successful case study of applying the framework to a project within the Nlaka’pamux Territory


Acceptance Status: approve


The Importance of Environmental Compliance & Assuring Evidence Based Plans
Abstract ID# 29

Presenting Author: AntoniaFortt  |  Coauthor(s):  Camila Olea ,   Luciano   Andrade ,   Luis Salazar ,   Leonardo Mena & Karen Espinoza

Summary Statement: In Chile, the Environmental Qualification Resolutions are the origin of environmental compliance. It is advisable develop Evidence Based Plans to point towards a Compliance Standard.


Acceptance Status: approve


The role of impact assessment in a just transition: the case of South Afric
Abstract ID# 32

Presenting Author: ChristinaPobee 

Summary Statement: This paper focuses broadly on the global decarbonisation agenda with a narrow focus on South Africa’s just energy transition and how impact assessment tools can play a pivotal role in this


Acceptance Status: approve


The Study about Council Summary of the RE Sea Area Utilization Act
Abstract ID# 12

Presenting Author: MasahiroSeki  |  Coauthor(s):  Ayano Takeuchi

Summary Statement: Japan has the law for a smooth consensus with fishermen in the introduction of OWP. This study analyzes what statements of stakeholders does statutory councils summarize as opinions.


Acceptance Status: approve


The use of Soil Contamination Record Management System in ROK
Abstract ID# 13

Presenting Author: Jung AukPark 

Summary Statement: In order to conduct an efficient environmental impact assessment, we reviewed ways to utilize the soil contamination-related database already established in the soil contamination field in ROK.


Acceptance Status: approve


Abstract ID# 39

Presenting Author: LinPin-tsen  |  Coauthor(s):  Wei-Chuan Hu

Summary Statement: This poster mainly discusses the science park development is required to include an action plan to achieve a just transformation.


Acceptance Status: approve


What value does Health Impact Assessment bring to the planning process?
Abstract ID# 23

Presenting Author: OmarHallab  |  Coauthor(s):  Lisa Nelson ,   Senuri   Mahamithawa ,   Eva Policarpo ,   Dr Katie Hirono & Ryngan Pyper

Summary Statement: This poster demonstrates the value that Health Impact Assessment brings to the planning process by comparing three case studies in practice.


Acceptance Status: approve