PROCEEDINGS - Presentations

IAIA24 presenting authors were invited to submit presentations; participation was optional. Below are the presentations of the contributing authors.



A fast and green transition : are just and fast compatible ?
Presenting author: Marie-Eve Lemieux

A Model Proposal for Enhancing SIA Capacity in Non-Profit Organizations
Presenting author: Erdal Akdeve

A scorecard to assess and improve infrastructure engagement
Presenting author: Ruth O'Connor

Activities in Marine Protected Areas: From Impacts to Valued Components
Presenting author: Marie-Claude Martel

Advances in policy and practice on the mitigation hierarchy in Mozambique
Presenting author: Hugo Miguel Rosa Gomes da Costa

Advancing Our Understanding of Indigenous Values and Interests within Impact Assessments
Presenting author: Valerie Masterman

Alberta and Regional Impact Assessments
Presenting author: Gavin Fitch

An analysis of NEMA S30A directives issued to eThekwini Municipality - April 2022 floods
Presenting author: Zinhle Dlamini

Australian mining of Essential Transition Minerals in South Africa: Curse or blessing?
Presenting author: L Janelle Ellis

Baffled systems or culturally competent impact assessment
Presenting author: Jane Munday

Better explain EIA for a better public participation: Review and outlook
Presenting author: Lina Lachapelle

Biodiversity mainstreaming in renewable energy projects in Uganda
Presenting author: Mulumba Agaba

Capturing the health and wellbeing impacts of climate change in Wales
Presenting author: Liz Green

Challenges for impact assessment in Offshore Wind Energy Development
Presenting author: Carla Grigoletto Duarte

Climate change in Danish impact assessment practice: The ugly duckling?
Presenting author: Ivar Lyhne

Community health is integral to Social Impact for Mining companies
Presenting author: francesca viliani

Community health monitoring of the Trident Copper Project
Presenting author: Astrid Knoblauch

Presenting author: Seunghyun Jung

Contractor Management Post Updating the Kariba Dam Rehabilitation Project Environmental & Social Impact Assessment
Presenting author: Mwelwa Nsaka Sata-Haruperi

Declaration on Fair and Equitable Land Access (FELA)
Presenting author: Eddie Smyth

Delivery of Just Decarbonisation
Presenting author: Christie Hazell-Marshall

Digital Impact Assessment: The future of the industry?
Presenting author: Ella Niehorster

EIA in Nigeria 30 Years After, Challenges and Opportunities
Presenting author: Lawal Adegboyega

Enabling Digital Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in Nigeria
Presenting author: Etia Ndarake

Energy Just Transition: Chile as a Case Study
Presenting author: Pablo Baranao

Enhancing EIA and SEA education in Denmark: Collaborative competence building
Presenting author: Lone Kørnøv

Environmental Impact Assessment of Intensive Saltwater Shrimp Farm in Myanmar
Presenting author: Yadanar Swam Htet Kyaw

Environmental Protection Reviews of Canadian Nuclear Facilities
Presenting author: Aimee Rupert

Ethical Challenges in Impact Assessment
Presenting author: Alan Chenoweth

Evolution of the UK Electricity Transmission: Challenges and Opportunities in Impact Assessment
Presenting author: Edward Walker

Explore with local government how to conduct sustainability assessment
Presenting author: Akiko Urago

Fe-coated biochar for P removal and recovery of slow release fertilizers
Presenting author: Minkyung Kim

Follow-up and the new Environmental and Planning Act in the Netherlands
Presenting author: Wout van der Gun

Functions and Status of Follow-up in Finnish EIA legislation
Presenting author: Anni Kärkkäinen

Gender-Based Analysis Plus - Respectful Engagement for Equitable Outcomes
Presenting author: Anna Johnston

HIA in the energy sector
Presenting author: Delya Sommerville

How can Health Impact Assessment support a wellbeing economy?
Presenting author: Margaret Douglas

How the SEA shaped the Firth of Clyde Regional Marine Plan
Presenting author: Arthur Keller

How to assess climate change impacts and sustain health on regional level
Presenting author: Ilonka Horváth

How to be a CEP, Or, An Alternative Pathway to SIA Accreditation
Presenting author: Patrick Solomon

HRIA of artificial intelligence technology development and application: Emerging practice and coming regulation
Presenting author: Cathrine Bloch Veiberg

IA for MegaProjects: It Must Start with Stakeholder Engagement
Presenting author: Marissa Murphy

Impact Assessment for a Just Transformation: Perspectives from the EPA
Presenting author: Micheál Lehane

Impact Assessment in Higher Education and Research in Mexico

Impact Management with Indigenous Peoples of a Mining Company in Brazil
Presenting author: Thais Pereira

Impacts on biodiversity and expected inputs to management from monitoring
Presenting author: Natália Takahashi Margarido

Indigenous perspectives for a just transformation of the mining sector
Presenting author: Johanne Hanko

Indigenous Values in Analysis and Significance Determination for Assessment
Presenting author: Jessica Hiltz

Indigenous-Led Program to Understand and Manage Cumulative Effects in Northern Alberta
Presenting author: Kevan Berg

Industry and Competency Standards for SIA Certification in the Philippines
Presenting author: Annabelle Vitti Corpuz Valenzuela

Initiatives to respond to evolving environmental and social learning needs
Presenting author: Aida Khalil Gomez

Just Transformation and KSEIA
Presenting author: Myungjin Kim

Kicking the can down the road? IA, renewable energy and future generations
Presenting author: Tina SOLIMAN HUNTER

Learning from innovative approaches to enhance public participation in SEA
Presenting author: Gloriana Vargas Castro

Lithium supply development in Argentina
Presenting author: Simon Catchpole

Mind the gap – Gaps between IA & Construction in renewable energy.
Presenting author: Barry Wiesner

Mitigating the Impacts of the Energy Transition on Vulnerable Communities
Presenting author: Etisang Abraham

Nature Positive through a Just Transformation
Presenting author: Amrei von Hase

People-positive renewable energy: towards a competition for just outcomes
Presenting author: Adele Tharani

Presenting author: Harjot Kaur

Recognising Cultural Dimensions in Psycho-Social Impact Assessment
Presenting author: Helen Ross

Role of environmental auditing in compliance monitoring and enforcement in South Africa
Presenting author: Theunis Meyer

Role of key actors for an effective license instrument in Argentine agro
Presenting author: Melina Gisela Santomauro

SEA at a Crossroad: Trends in Austria’s Transport Infrastructure Planning
Presenting author: Felix Sternath

SEA Implementation in Ireland, 20 Years of Practice, the story so far
Presenting author: Tadhg O Mahony

SEA in mining for a just transformation
Presenting author: Joyce Kortlandt

SEA of Marine Plans in Ireland
Presenting author: Tom Woolley

Sector Wide Impact Assessment (SWIA) of wind energy in La Guajira, Colombia: scoping phase analysis
Presenting author: Viviana Arango

Presenting author: Israel M Hasheela

Synergies of Blue Economy and Circular Economy for IA in Tourism Sector
Presenting author: Wilailuk Niyommaneerat

Tailings as a Growth Medium: Eliminating Topsoil Dependency
Presenting author: Robyn Sally Mellett

The Impact of Land Uses on PM10 Concentration in South Korea
Presenting author: Jin-Oh Kim

The Ocean Multi-use Assessment Framework
Presenting author: Annaïk Van Gerven

The role of SEA, CIA & EIA within the High Seas Treaty

The use of soil contamination record management system for EIA in ROK
Presenting author: Jung Auk Park

The view from academia
Presenting author: Bridget Durning

Towards a balanced Seascape: Integrating EB-MSP and EBSA Criteria in Celtic Sea Planning
Presenting author: Robert Mzungu Runya

Towards a minority-adjust Cultural Impact Assessment in Germany
Presenting author: Jenny Hagemann

Using Impact Assessment and Human Rights Due Diligence to redefine 'safe tailings' for a just transition
Presenting author: Susan Joyce

Visual communication in EIA: stakeholders’ perspectives
Presenting author: Ana de Paula Nogueira Roque de Oliveira

Why don't we ask? The local knowledge and habits for the Great Apes Survey.
Presenting author: Silvia La Gala

Working towards consensus and consent in the B.C. Environmental Assessment Act – the First Nation, proponent, and regulator perspectives
Presenting author: Katherine St James